Super Disco

by Seal Club

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Kieran Smith
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Kieran Smith Lyrics like haiku plucked from the ether recited over guitars so thick and warm they could be a high-end brand of instant mash. Favorite track: Chemicals.
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released December 22, 2012

Drums and Vocals - Stuart Berry
Guitars and vocals - Jack Lawrence

Recorded by Seal Club in Bristol.
Mixed by Seal Club.
Mastered by Tobias Weller.

Artwork by Christopher Dean



all rights reserved
Track Name: 14:24 - Tring
Are you having fun agreeing with each other?
Over nothing in particular?

You could give up drinking - but wine is nice.
You've never been to South America but it's next on your list.

And Cuba is number one for rum.

Stay in Hemel Hempstead and never fucking leave.
There's a beautiful castle in Berkhamsted that you don't deserve to see.
Track Name: Chemicals
Out of the Sun it comes,
Burns its way right through my skull into my brain.
Out of my pores it flows,
Worms its way beneath my skin and to my heart.

Out of my Love it comes,
You make me the man I am.
Out of my glands.
It's out of my hands.
You make me the man I am.
You make me chemicals.
Track Name: Trip Me Up
When I talk to you I trip up on my words,
'Cause there is too much spit and I can't swallow it all.
When I'm with you I get a little mad,
'Cause you're the best thing that I never had.

You still haunt me in the most peculiar way,
Hiding in the synapses and the neurons in my brain.
When I switch off at the end of the day I see pictures of you.

Underneath the night sky there is a mountain high.
On that mountain high, there is a house.
In that house there is a ghost of you.
There is a ghost of you and not much else.