Imagine by Ringo Starr

by Seal Club

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released March 31, 2014

Drums and Vocals - Stuart Berry
Guitars and vocals - Jack Lawrence

Recorded by Seal Club in Bristol with help and advice from Toby Weller, Glyn Hanmer and Richard Brown
Mixed by Seal Club.
Mastered by Seal Club.

Artwork by Natasha Eves

Peace and Love



all rights reserved
Track Name: Fun
I never told my friends we're not together 'cause baby when I'm with you they like me better and and I never told them all the times you caused me hurt 'cause I couldn't stand them thinking that it was your fault

I'm not in denial
I just don't want their sympathy
If there's anything I can do
Don't hesitate to ask me if it means that I could be back with you

I wish that could just learn to fucking hate you but it's easier said than it is done 'cause laying in my bed feeling sorry for myself is more my idea of fun
Track Name: Don't Sweat
Floating in the breeze
Breathe in that sun kissed summer air
Bruises working up legs
Reach further than my fingers dare

Don't sweat
I just don't know you yet

I could say here with you
Underneath the purest azure blue
Cloud Rabbit's ears point to the west
You know that I love you best

Don't sweat
Track Name: Bastard Child of a Broken Heart
She broke my heart so I'll stick with you
But you can't do the things she used to do
You be Scotty and I'll be Ash
We gotta get out 'cause these girls are mad

You read the verse
You made it worse
Than we could ever imagine

She's running through the forest
She's calling out his name
The hand drill in her hand
Revenge drips from her veins

He's hiding in the undergrowth
The birds call where he went
The millstone hanging from his leg
The weight of the guilt of every man

Book of the Dead
Be it on your own head
It's worse than we could imagine